Our Approach

The Bogfolk Café is an international team of cool people making tabletop RPG stuff and trying to make a cool space. We want to make art, make rent, and help others do the same.

We are an adhoc co-op, inspired by Sandy Pug's Co-Op Manifesto.

What does this mean? The International Co-Operative Alliance defines a co-op as

an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically controlled enterprise.

So, all members of The Bogfolk Café are worker-owners that each receive an equal vote in the democratic process of our set-up. We work on the basis of democratic delegation, responsible exercise of power , distribution of authority, fair rotation of tasks, rational allocation of tasks, diffusion of information, and equal access to resources.

Our mutual desire is fair pay for all, and one of our main goals is to be transparent and generous where many publishers may not be.

  • 25% art
  • 25% text
  • 10% layout
  • 10% project lead
  • 10% project management
  • 10% editing
  • 5% fulfillment
  • 5% co-op bank
  • 5% to be allocated based on the needs of the individual project.

We intend to work thoughtfully and sustainably as well as with kindness and empathy. This means we have a very strong preference for local and/or indie groups. This also means we will not tolerate bigotry of any kind. (We're pretty queer in here.) We prioritize a human-focused approach, we emphasize that creative work is still work, and we strive to support small creators and platforms. We also recognize when nontraditional methods contribute to the overall artistic goal.