A meatpunk ttrpg

A giant cleaver hovers menacingly over a small figure on a red background.

The Wen — a still-twitching carcass of a city that hasn’t yet realized it’s already dead. A population forever laboring beneath the dead weight of thnies. All that remains is meat. Bodies are grafted-together pieces of shit that solely serve as meat-machines rm labor. It doesn’t matter anymore who you are. Nothing matters. The system never changes, onds more. For meat is aall is meat. Will you be the one to kill this cancerous cyst of a city? Or will you join everyone else in submission and death?

Check out our press kit for details and assets

A rendering of everything that we want to make: A 30-card augury deck, 6 postcards, a fold-out map of the Wen, 10 business-card sized character sheets, a pamphlet containing 6 sample jobs, a booklet containing sample NPCs, 6 custom d6 dice, and an introductory adventure.